Lee James

I have been involved with Art throughout my working life and now paint with Acrylic in response to sketches of people and places and the effect these have had on me.

I embrace the way my paintings often evoke reaction from viewers as this engagement in the abstract or figurative nature of imagery proves to me that chosen marks on canvas have their importance in touching very deeply held visual memories.

The large dramatic painting (above) demanded the use of heavy textures embedded with sands, metal and "found" objects. Some areas are delineated with black lines as a separation for softer places ~ whether this is interpreted as mountain, lake and fissures or as representing our passage through life is immaterial.

Other paintings as "Beginnings" reflect a different pulse of waiting, expectancy as in a secret space from which we have evolved. I hate to jettison completely the "object" of the painting, but am happy to attempt something different from photography from which we get instant recognition of beauty.

I am drawn to the work of Paul Jones and also Ashile Gawky, John Piper and the much loved Alastair Michie. Inspiration is all around us and inside us, and I enjoy making this connection in whatever way seems appropriate.

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